St. Cyprian's Theological College


St. Cyprian's Theological College has taken in a new class of eight ordinands.  They started in January 2010 and we pray for their education, support, and guidance.  May God direct them in all that they do, and may all that they do be to His glory.

The new ordinands are:

Patrick Innocent Kamale (Diocese of Masasi)

Adolf Erio Masonga (Diocese of Newala)

Frank Mwiko Mrope (Diocese of Newala)

Andrew Juma Mmili (Diocese of Newala)

Lesle Yakobo Mkuyaha (Diocese of Masasi)

Stephen Michael Milanzi (Diocese of Newala)

Sospeter Humphrey Majuto (Diocese of Masasi)

Jackson Joseph Milanzi (Diocese of Masasi)
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